Why you should be a missionary!

This is the continuation of “Why you should be a missionary!” Two days ago I posted that my number one reason for considering the foreign mission field is because it is what Jesus commanded. Christ telling us what to do should be enough, but just humor me as I share several more reasons over the next few blog posts.


Reason 2 –  For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.


This truth is something I had a hard time dealing with. When I think about all that God has done for me–that God sent His Son to come and live among sinful man and be treated as less than a servant. And to know that it was for the salvation of mankind (which includes myself), I can’t help but think I have been given more than I deserve. When I read in the New Testament and see that I am not only justified by Christ’s work on the cross but that I also now have access into the faith where we now stand, I can’t help but be reminded of how much I have been given. There were millenniums, thousands of years, where people could not go before God. God dwelt in a tabernacle or a temple, and ONE person out of the entire nation could go in before God ONCE a year.  But now I can come boldly before the throne of grace. I have been given so much. I have the Lord himself indwelling me. What else can a person ask for?


Then add to that thought that I probably live in the most comfortable age in the history of man. I have the internet and television and cellphones and so many different comforts. Then add that I was born in the United States of America. I HAVE BEEN GIVEN SO MUCH. Then I think of the family in which I was born. My parents were first generation Christians  Why wasn’t I born to an atheist’s family? Why wasn’t I born to a Islamic family? Why wasn’t I born to a Hindu or Buddhist family? God has blessed me so much. HE HAS GIVEN ME SO MUCH.


Know that if you are a born again Christian, God has already given you more than you could EVER deserve. So the question is if God has given you so much, shouldn’t He require much from you? I say yes He can. He should be allowed to do whatever with my little pathetic life. Even if He wants  me to go to the foreign mission field.

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Robert Canfield is the Director of the Our Generation Training Center and a missionary with Vision Baptist Missions representing the continent of Africa.

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