Why the Church Must Emphasize Creation

I challenge you to go to this link and find why the church must emphasize creation! The web page gives five very good reasons why.

The doctrine of creation is the rising tide that lifts all the church’s fleet, the fertile soil in which a bountiful crop of ministry grows, and the tool kit for the man of God. And no, creation is not just a hammer. It’s a skill saw, router, socket wrench, screwdriver set, drill press, sander, pliers, sledge hammer, crowbar, level, pipe wrench, paintbrush, shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, tractor . . . .

Everything that the church believes and teaches is founded on the doctrine of creation. As Ken Ham often says, the meaning of anything is bound up in its origin. If you don’t understand how something began, you don’t understand it at all. And if you cannot defend a doctrine’s foundation from the beginning, you cannot defend it at all; it degenerates into just your opinion. For the church to speak with authority, it needs to build from its foundation. Consider a few of the important Bible doctrines, subjects all considered vital topics for the church, which originate in Genesis:

Marriage and family: Genesis 2:24
Human sexuality: Genesis 1:27-28
False religion: Genesis 3:5
Sin and judgment: Genesis 3:6-19
Salvation: Genesis 3:15
Law and government: Genesis 9:6
Work and purpose in life: Genesis 2:15; 3:18-19, 23
Arts and sciences: Genesis 4:20-22
Eternal destiny: Genesis 3:24, 12:1-3

This is a great site about Creation and Evolution. I challenge you to go there to read and study!

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.

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