Will Environmental Reform Save Spain?

On September 1, the residents of the town of Alcanar, Spain, survived intensive flash flooding that swept cars away and tossed quite a few of them into the Mediterranean surf. Thankfully, no one was killed in the flooding, but many people had to be rescued and relocated. Cleanup will take a while, as residents and business owners struggle to remove all the mud and trash carried into the buildings. According to the national weather service of Spain, the main culprit to blame is climate change. The UN is pushing national governments to take immediate and drastic action to cut down on carbon emissions in the effort to quell natural disasters.

Many people are concerned about the loss of life should natural disasters intensify, so their feeling of urgency is understandable. Christians know that no amount of environmental change will save this earth in the end, but are we as urgent in our sharing of the gospel with people who are one breath away from eternity? The Spanish people are in need of someone to pull them into the lifeboat. Spain has become increasingly non-religious in the past forty years, despite strong Roman Catholic roots. Today, only 1% of the population is evangelical Christian. Please be in prayer for the Spaniards to hear and positively respond to the gospel message and for missionaries to answer the call to evangelize Spain.

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