Kevin & Beth White, missionaries to Bolivia

In August, the Bolivian government finally lifted many social restrictions and curfews, allowing churches to hold services in person. Kevin & Beth White have seen...

Kidnappings in Haiti

Haiti has recently been mired in political instability, widespread gang violence, a presidential assassination, and an increase in kidnappings. Last weekend, 17 American and Canadian...

EU’s Disapproval of Poland

In a recent Polish constitutional court case, it was ruled that the country’s constitutional law superseded the law of the European Union’s Court of Justice...

Stephen & Ashlee Underwood, missionaries to Argentina

Stephen & Ashlee Underwood are headed to Argentina on November 6! They have finished Book 4 in language school and only have one book left...

Honduras on Fire

Recently, a massive fire burned for 14 hours on Guanaja Island in Honduras. Thankfully, no lives were lost, though over 100 people were injured, 90 homes...

Population Decrease in Finland

Finland’s birth rates have been declining over the past few years resulting in statisticians reporting that by 2034, the population will begin to decline. A...
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