Our Generation Easter Offering

Throughout the Bible, we clearly see God’s plan for His people to reach this world with the gospel. The Great Commission is given to churches...

Preparing For Ministry

Pastor Austin Gardner gives practical and Biblical advice on how to prepare for the ministry that God has for us.

The Extraordinary Story of Randy Stirewalt

Today, our friend and a missionary, Randy Stirewalt went to be with Lord. Mrs. Phyllis said he preached most of the night and she asked him...

Opa! Happy 200th, Greece!

In March of 2021, Greece celebrated the bicentennial of the beginning of the war that won their independence. This war against the Ottoman Empire began...

Romania’s Digital Deficit

In many western countries, a trend is unfolding that is pushing paper money by the wayside: digital currency. Sweden is a leader in this new...

Bolivia’s Hidden Kingdom

In the subtropical Yungas valleys, about 60 miles northeast of La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, you will find a small kingdom of Afro-Bolivians. This little kingdom...

Bolivian Interim President Arrested

The former interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, was recently arrested by the new socialist government that was voted in this past October. The Movement...

12 Principles of Carey’s Covenant

A.T. Pierson, in his book, The Divine Enterprise of Missions, shares the following 12 principles and explanation about a covenant that missionaries Carey, Marshman, and...

Potential Twitter Ban in Russia

Russian authorities are strongly considering banning Twitter due to it’s refusal to remove banned content. Russian authorities allege that the site contains illegal posts that...

Need in Singapore

Singapore is a relatively new country. A former British colony, it gained independence from Malaysia in 1965. At the time of independence, Singapore would have...

It’s Raining Fish??

For the last two hundred years, the village of Yoro, Honduras has experienced an unusual yearly phenomena–raining fish! Once or twice a year after a...

Surge in Border Crossings in Chile

There has been an increase in the number of Venezuelan migrants crossing the border between Chile and Bolivia on foot. Chile has seen around 200...
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