Tracy Paver, missionary to Chile

Tracy Paver is waiting for Chile’s borders to open up so that she can submit the necessary paperwork to apply for a residency visa. Provided...

Uncertainty in Chilean Elections

In 2 months, Chile will hold presidential elections. Currently, 3 candidates are leading the pack, with the leftist presidential hopeful slightly edging out the rest....

Will Environmental Reform Save Spain?

On September 1, the residents of the town of Alcanar, Spain, survived intensive flash flooding that swept cars away and tossed quite a few of...

Josh & Allie Miller, missionaries to Peru

Josh & Allie Miller have over 80% of their needed support and will leave for Peru in 3.5 months! They just welcomed their third child, Corban,...

Nicaragua Orders Arrests

Since June, President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua has detained and placed presidential hopefuls, union leaders, and newspaper editors under house arrest. He has recently called...

Freedom Fighters Needed in Moldova

On August 27, 1991, Moldova declared its independence from the Soviet Union. On the anniversary, the citizens celebrated thirty years of freedom in the capital...
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