Our Generation Easter Offering

Throughout the Bible, we clearly see God’s plan for His people to reach this world with the gospel. The Great Commission is given to churches...

Preparing For Ministry

Pastor Austin Gardner gives practical and Biblical advice on how to prepare for the ministry that God has for us.

The Extraordinary Story of Randy Stirewalt

Today, our friend and a missionary, Randy Stirewalt went to be with Lord. Mrs. Phyllis said he preached most of the night and she asked him...

The “Call” on your Life

“What really is a call from God?” and “How can I know if God is calling me?” Although some may disagree with the term “call”,...

Hundreds Protest Against Covid Restrictions in Switzerland

On Saturday, nearly 2000 people participated in a march in the city of Wohlen, Switzerland near Zurich. They were protesting ant-coronavirus measures put in place...

Who Will Go to the 7 Million of Serbia?

Serbia Maybe you have heard about Serbia, maybe you have not. Serbia has been a country for a long time. After World War 2, the...

Marriage On the Decline In Estonia

A recent study revealed that Estonians marry less now than they used to 20-30 years ago. In 2018, there were only 6 marriages per 1000...

Who Will Go To Mozambique?

Missionary Mark Coffey recently return from a survey trip to Mozambique with a young couple who are praying about going there as missionaries. From the...

Preparing for Furlough

Furlough is an important time in a missionary’s life. It can be viewed as an annoying hiccup in ministry and therefore ignored, but furlough can be...

A Sea of Souls

     The one thing that impressed me the most when I first arrived in China was the masses of people. It is not like...

Cuba’s Continuing Struggle for Clean Water

It has been said that the average American uses up to 88 gallons of water per day. Whether this water is used for showering, brushing...

Guatemalan migrants killed near US-Mexico border

A Guatemalan village is still reeling from the devastating loss of 19 people. A few weeks ago, 19 burnt bodies were discovered near the northern...
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